Date most recently updated: 15 July 2020

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use policy This acceptable use Policy (“the Policy”) applies to your use of this Website or any other associated Website (“the Website”), or any “Services” or “Advertisement” as those terms are defined in our terms and conditions (“The Services”).

Uses that are not permitted

You may not use, solicit, encourage, promote, facilitate or otherwise be involved with the use of the Services or the Website that involves the use of any offensive, harmful, illegal or improper use, or to make available any content that is illegal, objectionable or offensive.

Without limiting the foregoing, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Any activities that are or may be illegal, including child pornography, services or products that relate to gambling, or anything else of an illegal or offensive nature whatsoever.
  • Anything that may be harmful to anyone, or harmful to our business or reputation.
  • Any content that makes unlawful or inappropriate use of another person or entity’s intellectual property or other rights.
  • Anything that is generally harmful to any individual, or to any technology of any kind, including computers, systems or infrastructure.

You may not use the Services or the Website to inflict any harm or breach of security protocols in respect of any network, computer or telecommunication system or any software, network or device that is operated by us, our customers or any user of the Website.

You are not to contact, seek to contact or make any network connections with any user of the Website or any other person unless you have their explicit consent to do so. This includes communication requests, unauthorised monitoring, interference, or anything that a reasonable user of the Website would not desire to receive.

Email or message abuse

You must not send, disseminate, publish or facilitate the sending or use of unsolicited mass communications, including email or other messages or contact, including “spam”. You must not use any misleading or altered email headers or otherwise mislead any third party as to your or anyone else’s identity. You must also not solicit or collect any responses to messages sent from any internet service provider, if those messages or responses violate this Policy or the Policy of such provider.


We may, but need not, investigate violations of this Policy.

We may investigate any alleged or actual violations of this Policy or any misuse of the services and take any action that we deem necessary in order to remove, rectify or otherwise address any violation or alleged violation of this Policy or improper use of our Website.

If we suspect that any law or other requirement of any relevant authority is being breached, we may, but are not obliged to, report any such activity, and cooperate with any relevant law enforcement or other agencies, bodies, regulators or other entities in respect of such conduct.