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Aloha from Taranga,

Give yourself the gift of massage with me. Be indulged and pampered in my safe and loving hands.  I am a skilled, warm, caring tantrik with the desire to share some of my energy and wisdom with you.  If you are looking for a one of a kind sensual therapeutic adventure, then look no further.



Sensual and Erotic Massage connects sexual energy with the heart and rejuvenates you entire body. I shall introduce you to a world of pleasure while navigating the 5 senses. Tune in with your whole body as we explore conscious touch in a sacred space. My style of body work is an invitation for a sensual journey that can lead to astounding joy. How much pleasure are you willing to let in?

30 Minutes $18045 Minutes $2301 Hour $28090 Minutes $380  2 Hours $480



Tantra Massage is designed for anyone looking for something that’s a little different and totally transformational. Tantra is both a science and an art, and it requires your undivided attention and willingness to learn a new way of relating to the body! Using breath as the key element, you will be guided on an intimate journey into the self, where you just might discover the Kundalini energy that sits at the base of your spine. By moving this energy up the spine, you awaken your inner sexual energy and you can experience all kinds of body sensations, emotional experiences and even the “Full Body Orgasm”

90 Minutes $3802 Hours $480


Bondassage is the ultimate in indulgent sensation play. This kinky, sensual massage is designed as the perfect introduction to BDSM, and I specialise in offering a softer, lighter experience for novices and those curious to explore their sexual edge in a safe space. My style of play allows you to experience all of the thrills of light, sensual BDSM play, with none of the harshness of BDSM in its more traditional form.

I aim to bring you to a place of total relaxation and acceptance, while allowing you to indulge your fantasies and explore the sensations of letting go of control. and the feeling of surrendering to total bliss.

In our playful session, you can expect to experience both sensory deprivation and sensory overload, as you’re bound to my ultra-comfortable massage table, before I cover your eyes with a soft blindfold and your ears with headphones playing soft, sensual music. We will begin to explore sensation, as my warm, experienced hands knead, stroke, tickle, stand and more, while you’re stimulated by delicious props like fur, feathers, crops and floggers.

If you’re looking to experience soothing different, explore your submissive desires and embrace a new kind of pleasure, Bondassage is the massage you have been waiting for.

60 Minutes $35090 Minutes $4502 Hours $5503 Hours $650,

Couple Sessions 4 Hours $850.


This is an invitation for married couples, partners and lovers to discover new sides of themselves, ad adventure in exploring sensuality and sexuality.

This journey can lead to heightened body awareness, education in sensual, erotic tantric massage and may also be a prelude to your own private play.

This massage is an incredible gift that you can give not only to yourself but to your beloved and will be an unforgettable experience for all involved.


Here is what some of my clients have to say.

“That was the BEST massage I have ever had”

“WOW, that completely exceeded my expectation”

“An intoxicating mix of serenity and sensuality”

Where: In a private apartment in Centennial Park, Sydney


PHONE: 0447 577 525  (Private numbers will not be answered.)

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Email: taranga.blissrising@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE that I do not engage in sexual intercourse.

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