Am I locked into any contracts with you when I advertise on Crimson Class?
No. You do not have any contractual obligations with us.
How do I advertise on your site?
To start advertising with us, click Advertise near the site title or simply follow this link

Will my photos be verified? And how?
Photo verification is not mandatory when your ad is on free trial. For other plans, all ads on Crimson Class would need their photos to be verified.

To verify, when you are creating a new ad, you will have to also upload a recent photo showing you holding a piece of paper in your hand with your username and the date on it so we know that it’s really you. Your username can be found in the top right corner of the website. Of course, we never display this photo on your ad as it will only be used for verification.

What kind of photos are allowed / not allowed on Crimson Class?
Every photo added to a listing undergoes approval and we will not be allowing

  • Full-frontal nudity unless genitals are covered with sheet, sheer lingerie, towel, etc.
  • No pictures of just genitalia i.e. no leg spread genital shots or penis shots
  • No photos with phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information

If you have any questions regarding any photos, just upload them with your ad and we will get back to you if we deem them inappropriate.

How many images can I upload with my listing?
Standard listing allows 8 photos. Upgrade to premium for unlimited photos.
Will you be placing a watermark on my photos?
Yes. We will be having a Crimson Class watermark on all profile photos.
After I create an ad listing, how long before it is live on the site?
We will aim to get your ad listing verified and live within 24 hours after we receive your payment.
How do I pay you?
We are currently only accepting payment via bank transfer, PayID and Bitcoin (BTC). We are also working on adding other modes of payment in the near future.
Can I make changes to my ad listing once it is live?
Absolutely. But be mindful that if you do, your ad listing will not longer be live until it is approved.
Will I get an email reminder when my next payment is due?
Yes, you most certainly will 7 days before your next payment is due.
Do I get a discount for a longer commitment with you?
Absolutely! You will be presented with long-term pricing options when you create a new listing.
What if I have trouble signing in to my account?
Click the “Lost your password?” link after clicking “Log In” on the home page and follow the instructions to reset your password.
Are there any rules or regulations that I should be aware of when I advertise on Crimson Class?
Each state has their own rules regarding workers in the adult industry and you should comply with them when you advertise. Service providers in Melbourne or Victoria need to display their SWA number in the profile. For more information please visit

I am unable to create or edit my listing? Can you help?
We recommend using Safari or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox without any ad-blocking software or plugins to create and edit listings. If you still run into issues, please drop us an email.
I have a suggestion. Do you have a suggestion box?
We always listen to our customers and we are open to suggestions.
Drop us an email on or a message on 0447 577 525.