Setting up for Success as a Male Sex Worker

Many think that sex work revolves exclusively around women, but this is far from true. The question “Are there male sex workers?” has been coming up more since the pandemic while some try to find alternate ways to make money. While we may not see as many male companions on the world wide web, there are many options for men in this line of work. 

How to become a male sex worker in Australia?

With the recent change of laws governing sex work in Australia, more men are looking into being male escorts. Having “the look” along with understanding the needs of clientele is just a tiny portion of what it takes to get into the industry. Many overlook the advertising and the maintaining of relationships that goes along with being a male escort. 

First, it’s important that men looking to get into sex work understand the work that they’ll be doing. Not only do male companions provide sensual energy, but they also tap into the emotions of their clientele. Escorts provide companionship and sometimes emotional support where others may fall short. Before fully getting into this line of work it’s important that it’s understood what truly goes on behind the scenes and what works need to be put in. 

What will you do as a male sex worker? And what won’t you do during a date?

It’s also important to set rules for yourself. Setting that foundation and being upfront with potential clients will make things easier down the road for your business. You’ll also want to figure out how to pique the interest of your potential clients. Do your research. Find what other male escorts are doing and mould that to fit your business model. It may be beneficial to even reach out to some male companions for mentorship. 

Before you get into advertising, you’ll want to set your rates, persona, and get good quality photos. Having a good professional website built will also help clients see you taking your business seriously. 

Advertising is everything just like with any other business. Purchasing ads on high-ranking websites and social media are some of the best ways to get the word out about your services. 

How much do male sex workers EARN?

Male sex workers can make quite a bit of money. You get out of this business how much you put into it. If you treat it as a hobby, you’ll make hobby money. If you treat it as a career, the sky is the limit. Some male escorts have reported making 5,000 AUD in a weekend. For others, it may be less, and for some, it may be more. The ones who make the most put a lot of time and effort into their business model and work hard in keeping clients. Repeat clientele usually equals success in this line of work.

As we already know, women have traditionally been at the forefront of this line of work, but with time we are seeing more and more men open to this industry. This also has a lot to do with female sexuality evolving and women are now more receptive to sensual pleasures outside of their relationship or dating. There is definitely money to be made, but like in any other business, you need to be smart and hard-working.

If you’re interested in getting into sex work as a male companion in Australia, there are resources available to assist you. Crimson Class provides assistance with advertising and web hosting.

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Advertising definitely helps. 😉