Victoria Is Finally Growing Up!

Welcome to sex work in 2022! Earlier this year, Victoria joined the fight in decriminalising sex work. This is big news for sex workers in Australia! Just like other states in our country, Victoria finally saw what needed to be done to protect sex workers. 

This marks another historic day for Australians that has been long overdue. In media, we often see a stigma that surrounds sex workers. We’ve all heard people give their opinions on what they think sex work is and isn’t. No matter the opinion, sex workers in Australia need some type of support. By Victoria joining in on decriminalising sex work, we’re all one step closer to clearing the negativity that surrounds it. 

Sex Workers Safety 

There’s many reasons why this is a huge step for us all, but there’s one main important one; safety. Many sex workers sell their services on the streets in unsafe areas using screening practices that may be nonexistent just to simply survive. This is a huge issue that isn’t discussed enough. Not all sex workers work under an agency that can help guide them through the business. This leaves independent sex workers extremely vulnerable. 

Now that Victoria is another state accepting sex work, escorts can maybe have a little relief when it comes to the legal aspect. Sex workers can also breathe another sigh of relief when it comes to receiving support. 

Support systems in most countries usually don’t make it known that their accepting of those working in the adult industry. This makes sex workers not want to seek out help when they need it most. Decriminalisation aides in the effort to let sex workers know they’re here to be supported. Sex workers will now have access to more services including healthcare providers and legal services without facing the stigma surrounding their business. 

Moving Forward 

This is all just the beginning of a wonderful effort from the Victorian Government to finally show that sex work has a place here just like any other industry. The full decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria will occur in two separate stages spanning well over a years time. 

The government will work to remove offences regarding consensual sex work, introduce protections for sex workers, and introduce other things that will ultimately aide in the safety of sex workers. 

It’s time for change and I’m sure we’re all happy to see Victoria join the fight in removing the stigma surrounding sex work, but we have to keep going. While this is a tremendous step forward, the fight doesn’t end here. Sex workers still need resources and continued support to thrive. Our voices need to keep being heard on the front line so we don’t ever go unheard. 

Crimson Class is here to assist sex workers in their advertising efforts and give a voice. While we’re new, we will continue to establish a client base that assists escorts in consistently maximizing their earning potential. 

We have so much more to show you and resources to provide.