10 Questions You Should Never Ask An Escort

While the incredible escorts you find on Crimson Class will always ensure you have an amazing time, it’s important to remember they are hard-working professionals. You might be curious about your escort, and some questions are fine to ask. We’ve put together a handy list of ten questions you should never ask an escort, to help you avoid any awkward interactions and ensure you can get straight into the fun stuff.

What’s your real name?

Many sex workers choose to use aliases for a number of reasons, a big one being privacy. Asking an escort what their real name is can be a big red flag for them, as like in any industry, keeping their professional and personal lives separate is important. The golden rule to remember with sex workers is to respect their boundaries and not push for personal information, or they may feel uncomfortable and not allow you to book with them in future.

How many other clients are you seeing today?

This question can be a bit of a red flag for sex workers as it hints at the idea that you’re not comfortable with the thought they see other clients. Escorts are discreet with who they see and when they’re with you, you’re the only person they’ll be thinking of. If you want to be their first client of the day or only client of the day, we’d suggest booking them for a full day encounter so you can relax and enjoy your time with them.

Can I take a photo?

We know the escorts on Crimson Class are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to take photos of them if this isn’t a service you’ve discussed prior. Some sex workers will allow you to take photos or record during the experience, but this will be listed as a service as they offer which you can choose to book. If you’re after intimate photos of your escort, some may have exclusive content you can purchase, which is a great alternative to taking a photo during your experience.

Can I take you on a date?

Unless this is a service that they offer and you’re willing to pay for their time, don’t ask your escort on a date. While sex workers are talented at what they do and will ensure you always enjoy your time together, it’s important to remember that they’re offering a professional service. When you see someone regularly it can be hard to separate business from pleasure, but you must keep those boundaries in place if you want to keep seeing that escort.

Can I have a discount?

When you enlist an escort, you’re agreeing to pay the price of the services listed on their profile or communicated to you otherwise. Just because you’ve paid less with someone else doesn’t mean they will charge you that lower price, and asking for a discount because you’re good looking or a good lover isn’t acceptable.

How much money do you make?

Just like you wouldn’t ask a banker or a lawyer how much money they would make, it’s not polite to ask a sex worker how much money they make. Escorts will have their prices clearly listed on their Crimson Class profiles, so you know what you pay when you book time with them. Avoid any awkward conversations here and save any financial questions you might have for a Google search later, if you’re particularly curious about how much money escorts make.

Do I need to use a condom?

Even if you’re a regular with a sex worker, never ask if you have to use a condom. Not only are sex workers big advocates for safe sex, but their health and wellbeing is also of the utmost importance and using a condom is a must, unless previously agreed and arranged for.

Some escorts may choose to offer experiences without the use of a contraceptive, but that’s to the discretion of the sex worker and will be clearly stated on their services. However, if they do insist on using a condom, know that both yours and their sexual health is being cared for.

Do I have to shower?

If your sex worker requires you to shower before your experience, rest assured it’s not a personal thing. Many escorts will get each and every one of their clients to shower as a policy, and if they ask you to, it’s important you respect their wishes. The sooner you shower, the sooner the fun can begin.

Do you have a partner?

Many sex workers enjoy a healthy dating life outside work or may choose to not have a partner. Whatever their relationship status is, most would prefer to keep it private. It’s best not to ask about your escort’s personal life unless they bring it up because when they’re with you, their focus will always be on your enjoyment.

Do you party?

While this may seem like a harmless question, it can be a red flag for escorts as it’s often disguising the real question of if they use illicit substances. Pay attention to what a sex worker lists on their profile and if they state ‘drug-free’ or ‘DFSW’ they mean it. If they suspect you’re the wrong kind of party person they may not let you book with them again. Sex workers know how to have a good time, but limit the highs to sexual ones and you’ll avoid getting blacklisted.

Overall, most sex workers won’t take offense to questions you might ask, especially if you’re new to the escort world. However, if you’re not respecting their personal boundaries, it’s important to listen if you want to continue a professional relationship with them. If you do that, there’s no limit to the fun you can have together!