Should I join an escort agency?

If you’re thinking about becoming an escort or are new to the escorting world, you’re probably wondering whether you should join an agency. Joining an escort agency is a great way to get your foot in the door and figure out if full-service sex work is for you, without some of the risks of starting out independent. While there are plenty of positives of being part of an agency, there are also a few downsides you should know too before making your decision. Here’s everything you need to know before deciding whether or not to join an escort agency.

You can get an idea of the rates

It’s no secret that being an escort can be a lucrative job, but like with any industry, success only comes after hard work. So how much can you charge and expect to make in the beginning? An agency will help you set your rates (and stick to them with clients) so you know how much you can and should be charging, without worrying about underselling or chasing away customers with rates that are too high.

Each booking will have a commission

While an agency will ensure you’re getting paid a good rate, they will also charge a fee for their services. This often comes in the form of commission on bookings and can vary from place to place depending on the services they’ll offer you and the type of clientele they’re providing.

Agencies provide an added layer of security

A huge benefit of working with an agency is they’ll go to extra efforts to ensure their workers are kept safe. This can include prior screenings of clients or other security procedures, as well as having regular customers they know and trust.

They’ll help with advertising

Agencies are a great way to advertise yourself when you’re first starting out as not only will they be able to suggest you to regular clientele, you’ll feature in their portfolio. They can also place ads for you in magazines, newspapers and websites, as well as circulate your ad through various other mediums. Agencies do the hard work to promote your services so you don’t have to. That leaves more time for you to focus on the important stuff, like building your business and keeping clients happy!

It’s important to note that some agencies may have additional marketing fees, so when finding the right agency for you, you can inquire about these details further.

There’s often training, guidance and support

When you join an agency, you’ll be part of a business filled with other hardworking escorts, receptionists and various other client liaison managers. Some will offer different kinds of training and guidance (if you’re after that) and can help with questions and support you may need when first starting out.

You may have to be exclusive with the agency

While you might receive a lot of benefits when working with an agency, most will expect you to be exclusive to them. This doesn’t just mean not working with other agencies – it can also include working with any independent regulars you may already have, or even bringing them into the agency as a client.

They’ll organize a schedule with you

As with any job, having a work-life balance is important. You might be juggling university while working as an escort, have a nine to five job or simply want time off to spend with friends and enjoy spending your new cash. An agency can help you organize a schedule, whether by having set shift hours, a set number of shifts or a work roster. After all, time off to recharge is important!

Sometimes, last-minute bookings can come up though and you might be requested to work outside of your agreed hours. It’s important to inquire about the flexibility of this with your potential agency, as well as how much notice you’ll be given in these circumstances.

When starting out in the escorting world, an agency can be a great way to learn the ropes and figure out if the industry is for you in a more secure environment. If you decide to work with an agency, make sure to ask plenty of questions and consider the above to help find the right one to suit your business!