5 Tips for Your First Time Booking an Escort

So, it’s your first time, huh? No need to worry or stress, this is your time to relax and unwind! There are so many great reasons to hire someone, so it’s worth looking forward to your appointment as opposed to simply daunting it.

We’ve done the legwork for you and have compiled a list of our five best tips for your first time booking an escort. As industry experts, take it from us – we know what’s up! Let us help you get the most out of your exciting new experience.

Research to find the right provider for you

Are you looking for something in particular? A BDSM experience? A role reversal experience? A romantic girlfriend experience? No matter what kind of service you’re looking for, you can bet there will be the perfect person for you out there. With an extensive plethora of options floating about, it’s worth narrowing down your search to ensure you’re happy with your decision.
Not also does researching help avoid wasting your time, but your sex provider’s time, too. Read their bio thoroughly. Get a clear understanding of what they do and don’t offer. Take your own budget into account and see if the price suits you. If your boxes are ticked, then the next step is to contact them.

Be respectful in your approach

Make sure that when it comes time to contacting your sex provider, you are respectful in your approach. Be upfront with the service you are after and clear with the information you are delivering. First impression is everything, so the easier you make the initial communication, the happier they’ll be to meet with you!

Messages such as “hey sexy”, “what r ur rates” or “hi” are simply not going to cut it. Why? Because they are poor in grammar, rude and basically uninformative. Address your sex provider by their given name and relay a little more information about what you’re looking for. Choose to give any personal information you are willing to give out (e.g. your industry of work). Make your message friendly, approachable, and professional. You are engaging in a business transaction, after all!

Pay at the beginning of your appointment

This is an important one. It is universally applicable to any date with any escort at any time. Give your sex provider payment the moment you meet with her. Don’t expect to follow through with an appointment without the cash ready. And if you are meeting in public, remember it is appropriate to pass your payment on discreetly. Perhaps try popping it in a card or gift bag.

Be on time

Keep in mind that time is very important to an escort. It is not a good idea to waste it! Most escorts require notice on cancellations – many will specify the hours of notice they require. Everyone has their own personal preferences, so whether it’s a few hours, 24 hours or even more, be respectful of that request. And by all means, do not ghost them. Remember that you are wasting someone’s precious time, and that they may have lost a lot of money with that single, one cancellation.

Another thing to keep in mind is the timing of your message prior to an appointment. Is it 9:05PM and you’re looking for a 9:30PM meet? Chances are, that’s cutting it far too slim. You are dealing with human beings who have their own lives, other jobs and personal responsibilities to tend to. It also takes preparation to get ready for a meet, so don’t expect your sex provider to drop everything and come running.

Communication is key

All in all, communication is key. The way you communicate says a lot about you as a person, and if you are hoping for a successful first time, you’ll want to come across as respectful as possible.

Our top talking tips are as follows:

  • Respect your escort’s need for privacy
  • If your escort seems uncomfortable with a topic, change it
  • Keep communication outside of appointments to a minimum, and only for business
  • Don’t talk about other escorts and compare them
  • Take note of her boundaries and respect them
  • Be happy to simply connect and have a chat!

By following these handy tips, you are bound to have a positive and memorable first experience. We hope it’s so great that you decide to book again soon!