How to make your escort ad work for you

Looking to reel in more clients? As an independent escort, it’s likely you’re doing all your own advertising and marketing yourself. However, the benefit to you is that you know your services better than anyone else – take advantage of this! With a well-crafted ad that conveys exactly what you offer in a clear and concise manner, you will be able to attract loyal, returning clients.

Wondering where to begin? We’ve created the perfect base formula. Here’s how to make your escort ad work for you in four simple steps.

Know your clientele

Before you do anything, you need to consider the kinds of clients you want to attract. Think up an ideal client and get to know them. Where are they located? What do they do for a living? How do they look? What kind of money do they spend? What kinds of conversations will you be having with them?

Step in their shoes and begin tailoring your marketing specifically to that customer. The rest will follow.

Get your visuals on point

Imagery is an imperative component of an escort ad. Make sure you’re using original and authentic photographs that are high quality and clear. Men are driven by visuals, so you’ll want to be giving them a reason to click on your ad!

Organising a photoshoot could cost you a little more, but it can end up being a worthy investment in your work. A photographer will find your best angles and work them; they will also be able to help you with ideas for posing if they’re experienced in adult photography. Better lighting and quality equipment also help make the difference.

As for the content of the image? Focus your images on your best assets. Get up close and personal with the lens, but still leave room for the imagination. Get into tantalising poses. Try soft, seductive facial expressions. And if you’re aiming for a certain look, whether it’s sweet, sexy or mature, make sure you’re incorporating that vibe in your imagery.

Reel in clients with a fitting title

The title or headline of your ad is arguably as important as your pictures! Being the first thing to come up in an ad search, you’ll want to include appropriate keywords to target your audience.

Make it very clear what you can offer, particularly if you bring a special attribute, feature or service to the table. If this is the case, highlight that feature and make it your driving force. Fetish fanatic? Queen of erotic massage? Incredible roleplay actress? Let your audience know your unique selling point (USP) from the get-go.

Sure, writing a title can be a pretty tricky task. You need to cram a lot of info into a limited amount of space, which can be super annoying. Now’s the time to scroll back to point 1 and remember who you’re writing to! What kind of language would attract your client? What can you do for them? Pull it back to this and your writing should flow with more ease.

Write a persuasive profile description

Now to the final component which ties your ad together: your bio and/or profile description. You have a little more leeway to divulge here, so make use of those character limits and get stuck into it!

First and foremost: use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation! Well-written copy sets you aside from the hodgepodge jobs. If writing is not your strongest point, ask a friend to read over it. Proofread and perfect it until you’re happy.

If you’re relatively new to the game, make sure you do your homework first. Research other escort ads for inspiration and get to know their language. Read as many bios as you can!

You’ll also want to make sure you’re using descriptive words to paint a bit of a picture. Just don’t go overboard with it – your reader doesn’t want to trudge through an essay! Keep the bio succinct and get straight to the point. In other words, remember to KISS (keep it simple, stupid sweetheart).

The process may sound simple, but it actually requires a little thought and creativity than you might think. Are you ready to make your ad stand out? Incorporate these four points, and you should be right on track to creating the perfect escort ad.