Let The Games Begin

Our first blog post. Yaay!

Twenty Twenty news flash

The world is experiencing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 that could erase development gains for many businesses.

But you already knew that.

Twenty Twenty changed the way sex workers deal with clients from communication to actual sex work. With a view to making this transition easier for people in this industry, as a veteran sex worker I, Taranga, came up with the idea of creating my own Adult Listing Directory Website.

The motivation behind this project is not just to make money but to empower every sex worker in Australia and give them the tools to create and grow a successful business.

So what is Crimson Class exactly?

Crimson Class is a Premium Listing Directory that focuses on bringing interested clients in touch with genuine sex providers who are either based in or touring Australia.

Why Crimson Class?

The word Class was attached to emphases that this in not just another Listing Directory Website on the internet – it is a Premium service and we are committed to delighting advertisers and clients rathe than just servicing them.

And my Co-Founder came up with the word Crimson as an Ode to his Alma Mater Harvard University where he studied business and marketing. And Crimson is also a perfect amalgamation of red which symbolises pure love (and red light districts) and purple that symbolises vigour and passion.

This project is not created by your local avocado toast eating, expresso sipping, hoody wearing run-of-the-mill techie nerd. Crimson Class is created by people who know their shit in terms of business and technology.

Our Core Values

1. We are customer focused.

As someone who has worked in this industry for 30 years I am distilling every drop of my experience in this project and would love to hear from you too. We invite advertisers from popular regions in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Canberra, etc. and also those working Online.

2. We are all inclusive.

We value everybody and want to make this website accessible to all sexuality workers irrespective of there gender, the service they provide, nationality, race etc. We have separate categiories for female escorts, male escorts, trans escorts, massage therapists, BDSM and kink providers, Online (phone and cam) providers and Agencies and Brothels. If you are unsure of being on this platform give us a call on 0447 577 525.

3. We value your time.

We believe in simplicity and this has been our key guiding principal when designing Crimson Class for both advertisers and site visitors. We have refrained from overloading the website with inundated features and trinkets.

Advertisers can create and ad within minutes by answering a few easy questions and site visitors do not have to endlessly scroll though hundreds of profiles to find someone they like.

More Than Just a Website

I started Crimson Class as an Adult Listing Directory and will be adding ancillary services that I know we need but have learned to live without for so long. The first of these is a safe and secure hosting service based in Europe. We also design websites for people who are wanting to build there online presence.

So if you are reading this and have not created and ad with us yet, what are you waiting for? Try us out for a month without having to pay a cent. We are also offering great deals on pricing for longer commitments and for those affected by COVID-19. Write to us to know more on contact@crimsonclass.com

Let the Games Begin!